Leicester Triratna Buddhist Community

We are an emerging Buddhist Sangha in Leicester, part of the world-wide network of the Triratna Buddhist Community, formerly Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO)

Leicester Sangha

Leicester Sangha is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, a worldwide movement dedicated to making Buddhism relevant to the modern world.We are a friendly group who meet on Thursdays at 7pm to meditate together and talk about the Dharma. As well as these sangha nights, we hold festivals at various times throughout the year, go for walks together, have 'study groups' and go on retreat together at least once a year.If you're not familiar with Triratna or meditation, we'd love to invite you to one of our introductory courses, run several times a year which can be found on our events page.


Sangha events are suitable for those who have attended one of our introduction courses or who are familiar with our two main meditations. We run a varied programme of events for those wishing to deepen their practice, the details of which will be updated below.

Radical Wisdom:
An Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation
Tuesday Evenings @ Nottingham Buddhist Centre

This course consists of six weeks in-person.Many of us are waking up to the daunting and unprecedented challenges to our way of life that we currently face around the world. Even if we simply feel a vague sense of unease or dissatisfaction with our situation, we probably all share a niggling sense that there is a radically more satisfying way we could live our lives, both as individuals and as a society.Can we really find happiness in more and more distraction, and having ever more stuff? Buddhism tells us that this won’t work – but that there is a real happiness to be found, if we look in the right place.On this six week course you will learn the two most important Buddhist meditation practices, and try out some powerful Buddhist wisdom teachings that can change the way we see the world.Using a combination of team-teaching, small-group discussion, meditation, and practical exercises, this course gives us the tools to become more like the person we want to be. The course will be held at the Nottingham Buddhist CentreJoin Kusaladevi, Upekshanandi and Dayajava, along with the rest of the Team, beginning Tuesday 31st January, 7:30pm - 9:30pmHow to bookOur courses are run on a donation basis, and the recommended donation is £80 per person. However, we do not want finances to prevent anyone from attending, so there are also options to give a reduced amount for those on a low income, the unwaged or unemployed. If you are unable to donate at this time you are still very welcome on the course, in which case please email us by clicking here to request a place.To donate for this course and reserve your place click here

The Buddhist Centre

The Buddhist Centre is the home of the Triratna Buddhist Community online.

Free Buddhist Audio

Free Buddhist Audio has a wealth of study materials, texts and recorded talks. As the name suggests, it's all free too!

Going on Retreat

To find out more about going on retreat,
visit Going On Retreat
Retreat centres:
Adhisthana - Herefordshire
Padmaloka - Mens' retreats in Norfolk
Taraloka - Women's retreats in Shropshire
Dhanakosa - Scotland
Rivendell - Sussex


Almost all of our activities, including our regular sangha nights are currently held at the Quaker Meeting House on Queens Road (just off Victoria Park).The address is:
16 Queens Rd
Or send us an email: